Tanaan Survivor

Model: Crorinu Class: Rogue Spec: Outlaw Back Story: I was questing out in Tanaan and I really wanted something different as a transmog. So as I was building it I thought about the area. I thought “What would she wear if she’d gotten lost in this environment?” Well, as a combat rogue I had to think… Continue reading Tanaan Survivor

Pyromaniac / Hell’s Teddy Bear

The Pyromaniac build was a fun one for me. I first built it for my blood elf priest, who was wielding a mace and an offhand, so of course I mogged both to torches. In the preview I have the weapon set to the default fire mage artifact skin. I found that races with shorter… Continue reading Pyromaniac / Hell’s Teddy Bear

Captain Song

Model: Tsingsei Class: Hunter Spec: Survival The Captain Song mog is very personal for me. As you can see I based it off a drawing. The drawing is one I did of the main character of my novella series All That Glitters. I’d made this character before Outlaw had been announced, otherwise Outlaw would have… Continue reading Captain Song


Okay, so, aside from some terrifying skin variations on the models (Pinocchio human, Legion Eredar, Worgen from your deepest nightmares…) this is called the Frosty. The reason should be obvious. My death knight that wears this transmog is a blood elf with blue skin and hair, so of course it works nicely. I did include… Continue reading Frosty


Welcome to the Loki! This mog takes two pieces of a warlock pvp set which was actually quite controversial in the warlock circles. The largest complaint I saw was that it was too ‘plate’ looking. But to me? It looks like that helm Mr. Tom Loki Hiddleston rocks in the Marvel Universe, hence the name!… Continue reading Loki

Cenarion Druid

I gave this set the name ‘Cenarion Druid’ because of the chest piece. My resto druid (Female Night Elf) has been rocking this outfit for years and I just automatically associate it with a resto druid. Usually I’ll add every race in the preview, but most of this set is druid only. This set goes… Continue reading Cenarion Druid

Torch Tyrant

  If you can’t tell yet, I am a huge fan of torches. This is a mog I built on my Pandaren shaman, but she is an ally and the helm used changes colors! I’ll have to find a more grayish variant to match the amazing helm. This set goes really well with the Kor’kron… Continue reading Torch Tyrant

Holy Fury

Arrive in the Skyhold like you own the place! This transmog was inspired first by the staves, second by the white tauren skin. This choice cut is Ptesan, named for Ptesan-Wi, a Sioux mythological figure “White Buffalo Calf Woman”, hence why I made her white. This transmog really goes well with her white fur. But… Continue reading Holy Fury


This is a requested mog for a BM hunter who prefers bows to guns. I built the base of this transmog in about 5 minutes, then adjusted according to the hunter’s desires. Head: Hidden Shoulders: Living Mountain Shoulderguards Cloak: Hidden Chest: Ironspine Chain Vest Waist: Hidden Legs: Mail Combat Leggings Feet: Imbued Infantry Boots Bracers: Runed Copper Bracers Gloves: Sentry’s… Continue reading Fire-Chain

Koltira Deathweaver – Follower

Okay, so, I promised some back story for this transmog, and trust me when I say you’re about to learn of some levels of nerd not many realize I posses. Back in early Warlords my guild leader and I got bored and were talking about RP things we used to do, mine was CyberChat, a… Continue reading Koltira Deathweaver – Follower