My personal reviews on class sets and random transmogs I encounter. Contact me to get an opinion on your own mog!

Death Knight

The Death Knight class hall set, by all rights, shouldn’t work. But it does. Somehow the conglomeration of colors and detail just fits. I am in love with the prison-bar helm, but the belt is hit and miss on certain races, as it becomes comically large around their middles. One of the things I noticed… Continue reading Death Knight

Demon Hunter

The demon hunter set is one I really want to love. I really do. But I’m having trouble liking it as a set. It doesn’t feel “demon hunter” to me. The boots and gloves look plate, the shoulders look like banana leaves held together by sharpened sticks, and apparently your crotch wants to fly away… Continue reading Demon Hunter


The druid class hall mog is beautiful, the hood is hands down one of my favorites in the game. I am honestly in love with this set for the simple fact that they’ve strayed from your standard earthy/naturey appearance, in favor of something more celestial, with crescent moon shapes colored bright like the sun. It’s… Continue reading Druid

Proudmoore Druid

I ran into a druid while running Trial of Valor LFR. I don’t frequently check other people out while in there, but in a few seconds of down time I saw this troll run in front of me with no pants on. I was curious to know what legs they were wearing (because I love… Continue reading Proudmoore Druid