Tanaan Survivor


Model: Crorinu
Class: Rogue
Spec: Outlaw

Back Story: I was questing out in Tanaan and I really wanted something different as a transmog. So as I was building it I thought about the area. I thought “What would she wear if she’d gotten lost in this environment?” Well, as a combat rogue I had to think about mobility and stealth. A cloak would be silly (honestly they’re always silly on a rogue, they could get caught on everything while stealthing!), and so would long pants in such a hot environment. She needs to move freely, have as little as possible that could get caught on tree branches, and not overheat in the jungle. And just for the added fear factor, she cut off the feet of a Saberon to mount on her shoulders as a warning to the others to stay away.

Weapons: Wild Combatant’s Quickblade (NOTE: This is only red for Horde characters. Alliance should use the Warmongering Combatant’s Slicer)
Helm:  Hateful Gladiator’s Leather Helm Rogue only!
Shoulders: Wild Gladiator’s Pauldrons
Chest: Tunic of the Soulbinder (Normal)
Waist: Snow Lily Belt
Legs: Thunderlord Leggings
Feet: Griftah’s Authentic Troll Shoes (Pre-Legion I used Sandstalker Ankleguards)
Bracers: Supple Bracers (They need to be ranked up to appear on the upper arms)
Gloves: Iceborne Gloves

Here are previews of how this mog might look on other races!
(NOTE: The bracers didn’t link into mogit properly for whatever reason. But really the choice of which you use is up to you!)

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