Proudmoore Druid

I ran into a druid while running Trial of Valor LFR. I don’t frequently check other people out while in there, but in a few seconds of down time I saw this troll run in front of me with no pants on. I was curious to know what legs they were wearing (because I love showing of my character’s legs. They spend all that time running, gotta show it off!). Now, the character in question was not blue, they were a green troll. I clicked the appearance onto my troll shaman Harbovas so I could get a larger image than just the dressing room.

The second I saw this mog up close I whispered the player because I just had to put this one up for others to see! Simple mogging done right. And, as you may find out with future mogs, I LOVE red. It’s my favorite color (it’s to hide the blood, of course). The other thing is that I love the druid hall hood. I really do. And have been working on transmogs that can pull it off. So this set just absolutely tickled me. My only complaint is the shorts, but not because of anything the player did. I don’t like them in general because they’re really not great looking shorts. WTB plain red shorts, Blizzard. Please?

To build this set you will need:
Helm: Hood of the Dreamgrove
Shoulders: Warhide Shoulderguard
Cloak: Geordan’s Cloak
Chest: Feral Harness
Waist: Warhide Belt
Legs: Peerless Leggings
Feet: Griftah’s Authentic Troll Shoes
Bracers: Warhide Bindings
Gloves: Feral Gloves

Per my usual post style, here is what this person’s mog would look like on another druid! Yes, I’m only doing druid races because I really think the helm just absolutely completes this beauty of a transmog!

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