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To me the monk set is beautiful. It holds roots in Chinese fashion, which honestly makes sense given the Pandaren culture and the monk class itself. The shade of green they used is Jade, even more appropriate. It’s pretty clear to me that this set was build to really shine on a Pandaren, which it does. The only downside to this rather fabulous outfit is the hat. Male Dwarves pull the hat off nicely, only because it looks kind of like a Russian fur cap. I’m not a fan of the layered thigh covers, but on certain character models it does work. My favorite parts of this set are the boots, gloves, and shirt. I love that the boots and gloves leave the hands and feet mostly uncovered. The shirt I love because it speaks to the huge Oriental-style fashion fangirl that I am. I have a love/not-so-love relationship with the shoulders, too. They’re an odd shape for shoulders and are honestly kind of weird. But if you stop thinking of them as shoulders you’ll realize they’re designed off the roofs seen in Pandaren architecture.

Who wore it best: I’m going to give this one to the tauren female. I just really love the way her figure complements the shirt, since her body is longer than most models and gives the shirt more room for showing off the gorgeous shade of Jade.
Who should avoid: Honestly, just don’t wear the helm on certain races because it looks silly. Otherwise this set looks great on everyone.

How to get it:
Sold by Caydori Brightstar outside the inn on the new Wandering Isles.
In my previous Death Knight review, I gave a list of how to obtain everything. However, building that list was tedious. So, here is a link to Icy-Veins which lists how to obtain each piece, since it’s the same for every set for every class!


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