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I can’t sugar coat it. This is ugly. This is by far the ugliest set in the game. Ever. Of all time. The hideousness of this set surpasses the “Garbage Can” hunter set, otherwise known as Giantstalker Armor. The only, and I mean only interesting thing about this set is the emblems representing each spec. The colors otherwise are terrible. The orange clashes with itself just because it is an awful shade of orange which finds no redemption in the surrounding colors. Burnt Orange to pair with purple, blue, and bright flame orange? Really?
Now, aside form the colors, this outfit still finds no redemption. The design of the robe’s patterns are unflattering, the shoulders are absolute blobs, and the helm…. that awful, horrific, vomit-inducing helm… it is honestly the most awful helm in the game. The shape is nonsensical and unflattering. Why is there a hood under the hat? Why does it cover the mouth of some, but sits under the chin of others? Why does it exist in its blobby, blumpy, saggy, awfulness? Yes, I know I’ve used awful a billion times already. The only other word available for it would be fugly.

Who wore it best: No one. This set is awful.
Who should avoid it: Every self-respecting mage in the game.

How to get it: 
Don’t. Just don’t.
But since you don’t have a choice as some pieces are rewarded to you:
Sold by Jackson Watkins in the Hall of the Guardian.
In my previous Death Knight review, I gave a list of how to obtain everything. However, building that list was tedious. So, here is a link to Icy-Veins which lists how to obtain each piece, since it’s the same for every set for every class!


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