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I can’t lie and say I like this set. I don’t think there is anything I like about it. Especially not that sickly yellow/green area on the chest.The shade of blue is nice, I suppose. But I find it to be a rather repulsive mash of bad color-mixing. The only somewhat worthy element is the boots, because I am a fan of those clunky boots on characters with standard feet, never on ones whose feet show beneath the boots. The gloves are also nice, with their open hand appearance and the nice blue color on them.

Who wore it best: Female Gnome. Why? Because they look like the ball at the end of a flail chain. I don’t like gnomes, I don’t like this set, but I want a gnome hunter just to wear this and be a spiky ball of shrieking agony.
Who should avoid it: Anyone with a sense of fashion.

How to get it:
Sold by Outfitter Reynolds in Trueshot Lodge.
In my Death Knight review, I gave a list of how to obtain everything. However, building that list was tedious. So, here is a link to Icy-Veins which lists how to obtain each piece, since it’s the same for every set for every class!


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