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The druid class hall mog is beautiful, the hood is hands down one of my favorites in the game. I am honestly in love with this set for the simple fact that they’ve strayed from your standard earthy/naturey appearance, in favor of something more celestial, with crescent moon shapes colored bright like the sun. It’s a very refreshing mog, in my opinion.

Who wore it best: This is a tough one, but I’m going to give it to female troll, because of the darkness under the hood that makes her look like the Emperor from Star Wars.

Who should avoid it: Tauren. Or at least avoid the hood. It looks so absolutely wrong with the fur over the top of the head like that, and kind of makes the males seem like it’s their braids going around their necks. It just looks bad.

How to get it:
Sold by Amurra Thistledew in the Dreamgrove.
In my Death Knight review, I gave a list of how to obtain everything. However, building that list was tedious. So, here is a link to Icy-Veins which lists how to obtain each piece, since it’s the same for every set for every class!


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