Demon Hunter

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The demon hunter set is one I really want to love. I really do. But I’m having trouble liking it as a set. It doesn’t feel “demon hunter” to me. The boots and gloves look plate, the shoulders look like banana leaves held together by sharpened sticks, and apparently your crotch wants to fly away and has sprouted wings. Okay, the wings aren’t that bad, but I really don’t like them as part of this set and the little dangle was unnecessary with the wings present. I can’t like the pants because of the hip plates, which might come in handy for all that… sideways fighting you intend to do? Beneath that is where I do love the pants, where they are very leathery looking and held together by lighter leather thongs. The helm is creepy. I like it. But I also hate it and don’t want to look because I feel like it’s screaming at me. So that definitely works for demon hunters. The one piece that I want to take away from this set and wear for every set on my female night elf DH, is the chest. You little clothies can have your Mageweave bathing suit. Keep your tankinies. Because right here, boys and girls, is the slut mog to end all slut mogs. This shirt is nothing more than a bundle of leaves sewn into a sort of scarf-like pattern and draped over the female chest to cover only the most essential parts, leaving a healthy amount of under-boob for ERPers everywhere to ogle and get their rocks off. And yes, I do like slut mogs! Blizzard put a lot of time and effort into these amazing updated models, and gave demon hunters fancy tattoos and incredible skin tone choices, so I personally do enjoy looking at their hard work! My main demon hunter, though, is male. And yes, he dresses so slutty it makes the other boys uncomfortable. If you got it, flaunt it!

I would like to take this moment to explain why I have a male blood elf demon hunter when all my other characters are female and I’m a huge fan of female models. It’s the voice. It’s that voice that gives Clint Eastwood nightmares. That growl of an angry man who would smoke an entire pack of cigarettes in one drag and hold it in his lungs while he rips off the head of a demon with his bare hands so he can breathe the smoke down its throat. Its the voice of a man who lights matches on his five-o-clock shadow. And I absolutely love listening to it.

Back to the set!

Who wore it best: Blood elf female. Sorry, she just has way more under-boob showing that the night elf.

How to get it:
Sold by Falara Nightsong in The Fel Hammer.
In my previous Death Knight review, I gave a list of how to obtain everything. However, building that list was tedious. So, here is a link to Icy-Veins which lists how to obtain each piece, since it’s the same for every set for every class!


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