Death Knight

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The Death Knight class hall set, by all rights, shouldn’t work. But it does. Somehow the conglomeration of colors and detail just fits. I am in love with the prison-bar helm, but the belt is hit and miss on certain races, as it becomes comically large around their middles. One of the things I noticed about the helm, that most other helms can’t do, is that it retains its fantastic look even when put on a Tauren or Worgen. I’m not a huge fan of helms over their snouts as they look funny most of the time (though I do everything I can to cover those gaping teeth on the female Worgen), but this is one I wouldn’t mind slapping on my puppy DK to rock.

For weapons to go with this, if you choose to wear the full set, I’d recommend anything with a green glow. Unfortunately it overplays the Unholy spec’s fantasy rather hard with the green, and I would have loved another neutral color set like the starter gear. However, there are no rules stating green is exclusive to Unholy!

Who wore it best: Goblins – both genders absolutely rock this set.
Who should avoid this: Any class where the belt skull is overly large, and Dwarves. I’m not sure why the waistband is wider than the rest of it, but it’s very unflattering and only does it to Dwarves.

How to get it:
Trade Chat Answer: “Hover over the items in your class hall, noob!”
Helpful Answer: As you play through your class hall campaign, and into the Suramar campaign, pieces will unlock based on things you do.

The set is sold by Quartermaster Ozorg, Coordinates 37, 44 on the upper level of Acherus.
Helm: Deathlord’s Helm obtained by reaching level 110.
Shoulders: Deathlord’s Mantle obtained by reaching exalted with the Nightfallen.
Chest: Deathlord’s Chestguard obtained by completing your order hall campaign.
Waist: Deathlord’s Girdle obtained by earning 100,000 artifact power.
Legs: Deathlord’s Leggaurds obtained by defeating the final boss in 8 different Legion dungeons on any difficulty.
Feet: Deathlord’s Greatboots obtained by reaching revered with 2 Broken Isles reputations.
Bracers: Deathlord’s Bracers obtained by recruiting 6 champions into your order hall.
Gloves: Deathlord’s Gauntlets obtained by reaching honored with the Nightfallen.


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