Captain Song

Model: Tsingsei
Class: Hunter
Spec: Survival

The Captain Song mog is very personal for me. As you can see I based it off a drawing. The drawing is one I did of the main character of my novella series All That Glitters. I’d made this character before Outlaw had been announced, otherwise Outlaw would have been more suiting since Tsingsei “Song” is part of a zeppelin pirate crew. But, the in-game character is a hunter (with pets named for each supporting character in the books). This set is best for a katana-like sword, but I did use the above pictured bow pre-Legion.

Helm: Hateful Gladiator’s Chain Helm (For a lowered hood option for RP purposes or just for fun I use Crystal-Leaf Helm, pictured in the fourth panel.)
Shoulders: Hidden
Cloak: I use Shroud of Cooperation because my guild tabard is black. Ironscale War Cloak or Dar’toon’s Cloak (Horde only!) can also work.
Chest: Double Link Tunic
Shirt: Sightless Mantle (I use the short chest and black shirt to give it a sort of vest appearance.)
Waist: Wild Combatant’s Waistguard of Prowess
Legs: Bloodbinder’s Links
Feet: Savage Gladiator Greaves
Bracers: Just make sure they don’t show over your gloves.
Gloves: Lightning-Charged Gloves
Melee Weapon: Archaic Defender
Ranged Weapon: Cataclysmic Gladiator’s Longbow

If you really want a look similar to this for rogue, stay tuned! I do have a rogue named Tsingsei that I am working on the perfect mog for!

We’re not all blood elves trying to transmog as a character from a book, but perhaps you just really love the all black look! Here’s what it looks like on other races!

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