Even In Death

Hello, fellow WoWers, moggers, and readers!

Today, as I’m looking at the clock telling me it’s 2 minutes from midnight and the end of 2016 (thank the Light!), I am thinking about my comic endeavor with my sister. She has been working on an image all day, which she’ll be finishing tomorrow, for me to post with the clean version of Winter Veil. While drawing she stopped to tell me just how much fun she was having drawing in a sort of manga style. This made me happy because I really want to keep going with this project and not have it fall into the cracks like so many things I’ve started before.

To clarify really quickly, the art is not strictly manga. We’re going for a realistic but also “Warcraft” feel, so it’s like looking at characters within the game. At least that’s our intent. We’ll see how that goes.

For insight into the naming of the series, I felt that the song Even In Death by Evanescence really captures the essence of what the story is about. Take a listen below.

Anyway, as my sister draws things like basic models of each character, I’ll see if she is okay with me posting them for anyone to see. I encourage and welcome comments and likes on all of the things I post. Comments tell me I’m doing something right!

But this year, on top of all I’ve already got going, I plan to do this. I will do the thing. And you can, too. You can do the thing. Whatever your thing is, you can do it.

Happy New Year!

May 2017 bring you even a little more joy than 2016, because let’s face it, we need it.

Yours from Acherus/Dalaran Sewers/The Maelstrom,
Alisbeth/Crorinu/Harbovas ‚̧

PS: My Alisbeth(s) reside on Turalyon and Moon Guard. All others are a lie! ūüėČ


I Got You a Gift

Alisbeth and Koltira mount up for another day of questing adventures, but Alisbeth stops before heading outside.

wowscrnshot_122416_151124“Hey Koltira, before we go out questing today, can we stop in Dalaran?”

“Why?” he asks.

She tries to hide her excited smile. “Well, it’s Winter Veil and I hear they’ve got giant snow globes set up!”

Koltira growls in his throat. “Must we?”

“We must.”

They travel to Dalaran and find the giant globe set up just outside the sewers entrance.

“See, this is pretty cool, isn’t it?” Alisbeth asks.

wowscrnshot_122516_132449“There’s a gnome in there.”

“He’s an elf, you Greench!”

Koltira grunts. “Gnome.”

wowscrnshot_122516_131947“So, I know we said we wouldn’t do presents this year, but I couldn’t resist.”

wowscrnshot_122516_132517“What? We had a deal!”

“Too late!” Alisbeth leaps forward and presses something down on Koltira’s head.

wowscrnshot_122516_132538“Oh, Gods! Ali, what is this? Get it off!”

“Oh, it doesn’t look that bad!” Alisbeth tries to hide her giggles.

“It’s doesn’t? It’s not that bad?”

wowscrnshot_122516_132028Alisbeth bursts into laughter. “Yes it is! That thing is awful! It’s fabulous!”

“Can I take it off now?” Koltira whines.

“Nope, not yet.”


wowscrnshot_122516_133002“Because it’s time to open presents in Orgrimmar!”

wowscrnshot_122516_132651“Why do you do this to me?”

Alisbeth smiles and drags him toward the portals. “Because I love you. You know you love me, too!”

“I’m starting to wonder why, exactly, that is.”

Alisbeth bats at his shoulder and laughs.

Koltira stops her at the portal to Orgrimmar. “Hey, Happy Winter Veil, Alisbeth.”

“Happy Winter Veil, Koltira.”

One of Us is Going to Have to Change

Alisbeth walks the halls of Acherus. She spots Koltira hanging out by the torture racks.

Alisbeth says, “So, uh… This area seems pleasant.”

Koltira shrugs.

wowscrnshot_122316_185841Alisbeth clears her throat awkwardly. “So, uhm, I was thinking of heading out to kill some stuff. You wanna come?”

Koltira’s eyes light up and he bounces on the balls of his feet. “Ooo! Just gimme a sec, I need to change into my questing outfit!”

“What’s wrong with what you’re wearing?”

Koltira rolls his eyes.

Alisbeth sighs. “Okay. Just meet me in Thunder Totem.”

“Be there in a jiffy!”

wowscrnshot_122316_181724Alisbeth gasps as Koltira lands in Thunder Totem. “Oh my Gods, Kolty, you didn’t!”

Koltira gapes at her.

wowscrnshot_122316_182046“I’m sorry, Ali, but I can’t work like this. One of us has¬†got¬†to change.”

wowscrnshot_122316_182448“It’ll cost me three hundred gold to change out of this. I’m not changing.”

“Well I’m not changing! This is my questing outfit! You have to respect the quest gear, sweetheart.” Koltira folds his arms over his chest.

“Then I guess we’re just going to have to quest like this.”

Koltira turns his nose up to Alisbeth. “If you insist on looking ridiculous side-by-side, then I’m not talking to you until you change.”

wowscrnshot_122316_183332Alisbeth sets her hand over her face. “You are such a child, you know that?”

Koltira remains silent.

As they quest together Koltira’s silence begins to bother Alisbeth.

“Hey, Kolty, why purple?”

Koltira remains stony-faced.

“Hey, hey! Kolty, what was wrong with your other outfit?”

He continues to ignore her.

As they tend to some wounded tauren, Alisbeth reaches into her pocket and finds a single tonic a friend had given her with a note saying ‘For when you really want to have some fun!’

“Huh, I forgot I had this.”

Koltira glances at her and raises one eyebrow, then returns to bandaging wounds.

“Hey, hey, Koltira, you wanna play a game?”

He doesn’t acknowledge her. She drinks down the potion in one gulp.

wowscrnshot_122316_183853“Hey, Koltira! Guess who I am!”

wowscrnshot_122316_183857Koltira glares at Alisbeth but says nothing.

Alisbeth dons a mocking expression. “Oh, look at me, I’m Koltira Deathweaver. I was the first death knight in the Horde.”

wowscrnshot_122316_184509Alisbeth turns around and shouts over the side of Thunder Totem. “Hey everyone! Look at me! I’m Koltira Deathweaver and I’m so special I have a different outfit for everything I do!”

wowscrnshot_122316_184656“Yeah, I’m so awesome cause my name is Deathweaver! I deal in death! And… weaving?” Alisbeth laughs. “Hey, hey Kolty. I think I just got some mail. Let’s go check it!”

wowscrnshot_122316_185142“Oh look! It’s a letter from Thassy-poo! ‘Dearest baby love Koltira, thank you so much for the fluffy bunny slippers. My feet were as cold as death. Ha ha, get it? I love you snookums Kolty-wolty. Love always, Thassarian.’ Oh, now that’s just the sweetest–”

Koltira turns his glare on Alisbeth. She goes quiet. They remain this way for minutes.

“What?” she asks as the potion wears off.

“I’m going back to Acherus.”

A Little Behind

Hello moggers!

A few of you might be asking yourselves “Where on Azeroth has Crorinu gone?” But I’m sure even more of you are asking “Who the Helheim is Crorinu and why do I care?” To answer the second question: I am Crorinu, sometimes awesome rogue, always a fashion connoisseur! Where have I been? Doing homework (lots of InDesign work!), writing the third book in my¬†All That Glitters¬†series, and continuing with revising¬†The Worst Dyrkon¬†(and perfecting the cover!).

What else, you ask? Well, I’ve obviously been making mogs and taking screenshots that I still need to crop. I also raid 3 nights a week (got Heroic Helya to 5%! Not bad for a ragtag group of awesome weirdos)(yes, I called you guys weirdos, if you’re reading this).

What else am I doing? Not sleeping @_@. Not because I’m playing, cause I’d be fine with that, I just can’t sleep!

Anyway, I created a fast mog for my Death Knight on Sunday. In my two day (so far) quest for the pieces I have gotten TWO¬†Thori’dal, the Stars’ Fury, one on my Death Knight, one on my Alliance Hunter. And ONE¬†Mimiron’s Head!
Pics or it didn’t happen? Lookie!

So with luck like that I thought, hey! I’m gonna go for all the¬†Raiding With Leashes IV¬†pets! Maybe I’d get Invincible while I was at it? And GUESS WHAT???!!!??!?!!!
I didn’t get it. Don’t worry. But could you imagine? I’m going back to Ulduar, Sunwell Plateau, and Icecrown Citadel for a cloak, a sword, and two pets today (Oh hey, it’s reset!). We’ll see what goodies I get this time through!

Once I get my cloak and sword I will have many many pictures and a fun little back story to share with the new mog! I really hope you guys enjoy it. I giggled malevolently the whole time I was putting it together and planning it out.

For Azeroth!

‚̧ Crorinu

Greetings From the Maelstrom


This is Crorinu, checking in! If you just took the time to armory me, yes, I am indeed a rogue. So why the Maelstrom? Well, this xpac (Legion) I’m maining Enhancement Shaman (a nice change from Resto Sham in Cata and MoP). But Crorinu is still my second main and will always be one of my top two. Always!

Now, on to more important things. If this is your first time encountering me, yes, I am this insane. Also, please be patient as I build up my mog list! This is a new site and I hope to fill it over time with fantastic mogs that everyone can enjoy.

I’ll be starting with one of my favorite mogs on my rogue, “The Tanaan Survivor”. Keep an eye out for it. See you back soon!