Hello! And welcome to my transmogrification blog! Some of you may have found your way here from my author website, if so, welcome to my other passion! If not, then feel free to check out my author website and see what sort of shenanigans I get into outside of World of Warcraft!

For a little background on me, I was once an aspiring fashion designer accepted into the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (mouthful, right?) in San Diego, California. I never stopped designing or loving clothing and fashion, but I never attended FIDM (their acronym is so much easier). Instead I became a writer! But my passion for fashion is still alive and well.

When Transmogrification became a thing in World of Warcraft I nearly died, immediately going nuts getting sets together. I’ve been using the addon MogIt for years to build the perfect sets. Now I also use the built-in appearances tab since some of the new Legion pieces aren’t showing up the right color in MogIt!

Enjoy my transmogs! And feel free to contact me if you’d like to request a mog!

For Azeroth!

❤ Crorinu