Even In Death

Hello, fellow WoWers, moggers, and readers!

Today, as I’m looking at the clock telling me it’s 2 minutes from midnight and the end of 2016 (thank the Light!), I am thinking about my comic endeavor with my sister. She has been working on an image all day, which she’ll be finishing tomorrow, for me to post with the clean version of Winter Veil. While drawing she stopped to tell me just how much fun she was having drawing in a sort of manga style. This made me happy because I really want to keep going with this project and not have it fall into the cracks like so many things I’ve started before.

To clarify really quickly, the art is not strictly manga. We’re going for a realistic but also “Warcraft” feel, so it’s like looking at characters within the game. At least that’s our intent. We’ll see how that goes.

For insight into the naming of the series, I felt that the song Even In Death by Evanescence really captures the essence of what the story is about. Take a listen below.

Anyway, as my sister draws things like basic models of each character, I’ll see if she is okay with me posting them for anyone to see. I encourage and welcome comments and likes on all of the things I post. Comments tell me I’m doing something right!

But this year, on top of all I’ve already got going, I plan to do this. I will do the thing. And you can, too. You can do the thing. Whatever your thing is, you can do it.

Happy New Year!

May 2017 bring you even a little more joy than 2016, because let’s face it, we need it.

Yours from Acherus/Dalaran Sewers/The Maelstrom,
Alisbeth/Crorinu/Harbovas ❤

PS: My Alisbeth(s) reside on Turalyon and Moon Guard. All others are a lie! 😉


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