I Got You a Gift

Alisbeth and Koltira mount up for another day of questing adventures, but Alisbeth stops before heading outside.

wowscrnshot_122416_151124“Hey Koltira, before we go out questing today, can we stop in Dalaran?”

“Why?” he asks.

She tries to hide her excited smile. “Well, it’s Winter Veil and I hear they’ve got giant snow globes set up!”

Koltira growls in his throat. “Must we?”

“We must.”

They travel to Dalaran and find the giant globe set up just outside the sewers entrance.

“See, this is pretty cool, isn’t it?” Alisbeth asks.

wowscrnshot_122516_132449“There’s a gnome in there.”

“He’s an elf, you Greench!”

Koltira grunts. “Gnome.”

wowscrnshot_122516_131947“So, I know we said we wouldn’t do presents this year, but I couldn’t resist.”

wowscrnshot_122516_132517“What? We had a deal!”

“Too late!” Alisbeth leaps forward and presses something down on Koltira’s head.

wowscrnshot_122516_132538“Oh, Gods! Ali, what is this? Get it off!”

“Oh, it doesn’t look that bad!” Alisbeth tries to hide her giggles.

“It’s doesn’t? It’s not that bad?”

wowscrnshot_122516_132028Alisbeth bursts into laughter. “Yes it is! That thing is awful! It’s fabulous!”

“Can I take it off now?” Koltira whines.

“Nope, not yet.”


wowscrnshot_122516_133002“Because it’s time to open presents in Orgrimmar!”

wowscrnshot_122516_132651“Why do you do this to me?”

Alisbeth smiles and drags him toward the portals. “Because I love you. You know you love me, too!”

“I’m starting to wonder why, exactly, that is.”

Alisbeth bats at his shoulder and laughs.

Koltira stops her at the portal to Orgrimmar. “Hey, Happy Winter Veil, Alisbeth.”

“Happy Winter Veil, Koltira.”


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