One of Us is Going to Have to Change

Alisbeth walks the halls of Acherus. She spots Koltira hanging out by the torture racks.

Alisbeth says, “So, uh… This area seems pleasant.”

Koltira shrugs.

wowscrnshot_122316_185841Alisbeth clears her throat awkwardly. “So, uhm, I was thinking of heading out to kill some stuff. You wanna come?”

Koltira’s eyes light up and he bounces on the balls of his feet. “Ooo! Just gimme a sec, I need to change into my questing outfit!”

“What’s wrong with what you’re wearing?”

Koltira rolls his eyes.

Alisbeth sighs. “Okay. Just meet me in Thunder Totem.”

“Be there in a jiffy!”

wowscrnshot_122316_181724Alisbeth gasps as Koltira lands in Thunder Totem. “Oh my Gods, Kolty, you didn’t!”

Koltira gapes at her.

wowscrnshot_122316_182046“I’m sorry, Ali, but I can’t work like this. One of us has got to change.”

wowscrnshot_122316_182448“It’ll cost me three hundred gold to change out of this. I’m not changing.”

“Well I’m not changing! This is my questing outfit! You have to respect the quest gear, sweetheart.” Koltira folds his arms over his chest.

“Then I guess we’re just going to have to quest like this.”

Koltira turns his nose up to Alisbeth. “If you insist on looking ridiculous side-by-side, then I’m not talking to you until you change.”

wowscrnshot_122316_183332Alisbeth sets her hand over her face. “You are such a child, you know that?”

Koltira remains silent.

As they quest together Koltira’s silence begins to bother Alisbeth.

“Hey, Kolty, why purple?”

Koltira remains stony-faced.

“Hey, hey! Kolty, what was wrong with your other outfit?”

He continues to ignore her.

As they tend to some wounded tauren, Alisbeth reaches into her pocket and finds a single tonic a friend had given her with a note saying ‘For when you really want to have some fun!’

“Huh, I forgot I had this.”

Koltira glances at her and raises one eyebrow, then returns to bandaging wounds.

“Hey, hey, Koltira, you wanna play a game?”

He doesn’t acknowledge her. She drinks down the potion in one gulp.

wowscrnshot_122316_183853“Hey, Koltira! Guess who I am!”

wowscrnshot_122316_183857Koltira glares at Alisbeth but says nothing.

Alisbeth dons a mocking expression. “Oh, look at me, I’m Koltira Deathweaver. I was the first death knight in the Horde.”

wowscrnshot_122316_184509Alisbeth turns around and shouts over the side of Thunder Totem. “Hey everyone! Look at me! I’m Koltira Deathweaver and I’m so special I have a different outfit for everything I do!”

wowscrnshot_122316_184656“Yeah, I’m so awesome cause my name is Deathweaver! I deal in death! And… weaving?” Alisbeth laughs. “Hey, hey Kolty. I think I just got some mail. Let’s go check it!”

wowscrnshot_122316_185142“Oh look! It’s a letter from Thassy-poo! ‘Dearest baby love Koltira, thank you so much for the fluffy bunny slippers. My feet were as cold as death. Ha ha, get it? I love you snookums Kolty-wolty. Love always, Thassarian.’ Oh, now that’s just the sweetest–”

Koltira turns his glare on Alisbeth. She goes quiet. They remain this way for minutes.

“What?” she asks as the potion wears off.

“I’m going back to Acherus.”


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