A Little Behind

Hello moggers!

A few of you might be asking yourselves “Where on Azeroth has Crorinu gone?” But I’m sure even more of you are asking “Who the Helheim is Crorinu and why do I care?” To answer the second question: I am Crorinu, sometimes awesome rogue, always a fashion connoisseur! Where have I been? Doing homework (lots of InDesign work!), writing the third book in my All That Glitters series, and continuing with revising The Worst Dyrkon (and perfecting the cover!).

What else, you ask? Well, I’ve obviously been making mogs and taking screenshots that I still need to crop. I also raid 3 nights a week (got Heroic Helya to 5%! Not bad for a ragtag group of awesome weirdos)(yes, I called you guys weirdos, if you’re reading this).

What else am I doing? Not sleeping @_@. Not because I’m playing, cause I’d be fine with that, I just can’t sleep!

Anyway, I created a fast mog for my Death Knight on Sunday. In my two day (so far) quest for the pieces I have gotten TWO Thori’dal, the Stars’ Fury, one on my Death Knight, one on my Alliance Hunter. And ONE Mimiron’s Head!
Pics or it didn’t happen? Lookie!

So with luck like that I thought, hey! I’m gonna go for all the Raiding With Leashes IV pets! Maybe I’d get Invincible while I was at it? And GUESS WHAT???!!!??!?!!!
I didn’t get it. Don’t worry. But could you imagine? I’m going back to Ulduar, Sunwell Plateau, and Icecrown Citadel for a cloak, a sword, and two pets today (Oh hey, it’s reset!). We’ll see what goodies I get this time through!

Once I get my cloak and sword I will have many many pictures and a fun little back story to share with the new mog! I really hope you guys enjoy it. I giggled malevolently the whole time I was putting it together and planning it out.

For Azeroth!

❤ Crorinu


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