Greetings From the Maelstrom


This is Crorinu, checking in! If you just took the time to armory me, yes, I am indeed a rogue. So why the Maelstrom? Well, this xpac (Legion) I’m maining Enhancement Shaman (a nice change from Resto Sham in Cata and MoP). But Crorinu is still my second main and will always be one of my top two. Always!

Now, on to more important things. If this is your first time encountering me, yes, I am this insane. Also, please be patient as I build up my mog list! This is a new site and I hope to fill it over time with fantastic mogs that everyone can enjoy.

I’ll be starting with one of my favorite mogs on my rogue, “The Tanaan Survivor”. Keep an eye out for it. See you back soon!


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